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New Hamilton Book!

The Life and Times of Alexander Hamilton

Two apples that, fell from the same tree.


By Robert Gary Dodds

With The Foreword by His Grace, the Duke of Hamilton.


“What a wonderfully serious, well-researched, and well-written book this is.  The Author’s genealogical work deserves praise, and we did not previously realize that a Hamilton was once close to becoming the King of Scotland.  The Author, both Hamilton’s, Scotland, and the Caribbean are all entwined. This is a must-read!"

Celia & John Lee, Authors & Military Historians, recently published “HRH The Duke of Kent: A Life of Service.”

Clan Members get 15% discount!

Watch Clan Hamilton news-Bulletins for the book publication confirmation (anticipated on January 13th). The Author will enable Clan Members to buy his book at a 15% discount when purchased in the first 5-days of publication only!


Author Lands Double Whammy!

The Dunedin International Film Festival Book, Florida, sponsors the Author’s book launch.  Plus, the festival has commissioned a short stage play based on the Author’s book to perform on the opening night of the festival – January 13th, 2022, Dunedin, FL. 

About The Book

Robert Gary Dodds first stumbled upon a dusty Hamilton family tree in the closed-off wing of a stately Scottish home in 2017.


This discovery launched a disciplined and exhaustive four-year journey of research, interviewing, and writing of the Hamilton clan family; Mr. Dodds uncovered and wrote about the pivotal role generations from the first-named Hamilton played in historical events, many forgotten yet impacting history.


The author lays out all Hamilton’s earliest evidenced ancestors born in the 9th century, a Viking Earl and his descendent at the English Battle of Hastings in the 11th century, the Duke of Normandy’s cousin, and the font of all British-born Hamiltons.


Read of Hamiltons, Robert the Bruce and William Wallace, of the Hamilton heir presumptive to the Scottish throne, and the Hamilton champion of Mary, Queen of Scots (12th-16th centuries). By developing categorical affirmation, Dodds expertly links Alexander Hamilton, the founding Father of the United States of America, to the modern-day Alexander Hamilton—both of whom shared a common ancestor—both having Scottish blood and lives in the West Indies.


With a relatively recent DNA study, the author clarifies the question of the founding fathers’ 18th-century legitimacy and demonstrates that while he fought in the American War of Independence, a little-remembered Aristocratic English Hamilton fought on the British side. This Diplomat and General was held prisoner by another future founding father of America!


Let the Author take you on a journey to follow the tragedy of a New World triangular slave ship voyage, a 19th-century Hamilton soldier, a friend of Sir Winston Churchill and Rudyard Kipling, and his assessment of the last Tsar of Russia and the last Kaiser of Germany. The book culminates with the life of modern-day Alexander Hamilton. His Downton Abbey-style upbringing from the early 20th-century led to military service and inheriting a 26,000-acre Jamaican plantation and farm in Scotland. . This book is the comprehensive history of a family and the political, social, military, and business forces that acted upon them over 1,142-years.

The UK Book Launch date TBC, anticipated on February 3rd, 2022, at the Hamilton’s Private London Club.  

With The Foreword written by His Grace, the Duke of Hamilton.

About the Author

Robert Gary Dodds was born in England of Scottish heritage. He and his Jamaican-born wife, Mary, have lived in Europe, the Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific, and North America. With extensive experience working with charities, Dodds sat on the board of several organizations and sits today on the Global Advisory Council of the Akilah Women’s Institute of Rwanda. He and his family live in North Carolina, The USA.

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