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Clan State Commissioners

Clan State Commissioners help keep you in the know about upcoming events, if they'll be there and help you plan. They act as an agent if you're starting research and connect you with extended family. Check your state. No Commissioner? Become one - it's great fun!

Rich Liebe

AK Commissioner

Mike Hamilton

AL Commissioner

Bruce Hamilton

AZ Commissioner

Douglas Sink

CA Commissioner (Northern)

Josh Hamilton

CA Commissioner (Southern)

Dr. James T. Hamilton

CT Commissioner

Joseph E. Gates II

DE Commissioner

Donny & Rhonda Hamilton

FL Commissioner

Brian Hamilton

GA Commissioner

Sheri Lambert

IL Convenor, Chicago Scots Games

Joseph E. Gates II

MD Commissioner

Dawn Hamilton

ME Commissioner

Nicole Grisham

MN Commissioner

Jim Hamilton

MT Commissioner

Dawn Hamilton

NH Commissioner

Victoria Luke

NM Commissioner

Hank Hamilton, FSA Scot

NY Commissioner

Fred Hamilton, Sheri Lambert

NC Convenors

Richard Hamilton

Ontario, Canada Commissioner

Angus Hamilton

PA Commissioner

Connie Hamilton Juskow

SC Commissioner

Philip Dixon

SC Convenor, Charleston

Dawn Hamilton

VT Commissioner

Jessie Hamilton

VA Commissioner

Candice Hamilton-Bohonik

WA Commissioner

James Hamilton

WV Commissioner


Scotland Commissioner

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